Guitar Multieffects Processor

Boss GT-1000 Guitar Effects Processor IN BOX

Boss GT-1000 Guitar Effects Processor IN BOX
Boss GT-1000 Guitar Effects Processor IN BOX
Boss GT-1000 Guitar Effects Processor IN BOX
Boss GT-1000 Guitar Effects Processor IN BOX
Boss GT-1000 Guitar Effects Processor IN BOX
Boss GT-1000 Guitar Effects Processor IN BOX
Boss GT-1000 Guitar Effects Processor IN BOX
Boss GT-1000 Guitar Effects Processor IN BOX
Boss GT-1000 Guitar Effects Processor IN BOX
Boss GT-1000 Guitar Effects Processor IN BOX
Boss GT-1000 Guitar Effects Processor IN BOX
Boss GT-1000 Guitar Effects Processor IN BOX

Boss GT-1000 Guitar Effects Processor IN BOX    Boss GT-1000 Guitar Effects Processor IN BOX

Very lightly used in my smoke-free, pet-free home studio. Never gigged or abused, always babied. Just updated with the latest firmware and installed extra patches from BOSS Tone Central to get you started.

Comes in original box, with manual and power adapter. You will want to download the most up-to-date manual from the Boss website because a lot of new features and models have been added with each firmware update. Only two minor cosmetic flaws that I could find: scuff on right edge of expression pedal, and very small surface nick above CTRL 3. These are barely noticeable unless you're closely looking for them, but I wanted to make you aware of them for the sake of complete honesty. The other white specks that you see in some of the photos are just dust that my camera exaggerated.

Velcro strips will be left on in case you want to attach it to your pedalboard. Don't confuse this with the old Boss units like the GT-100 or the GT-10, the processing power and the quality of the AIRD amp modeling and effects is on an entirely new level, it holds it's own against my Fractal Audio FM3 and sounds just as good with a little tweaking. Helix and Headrush sound like toys compared to the GT-1000. INDUSTRY-LEADING TONE WITH BREAKTHROUGH BOSS TECHNOLOGY. Delivering unmatched sound quality and musical expression, the GT-1000 ushers in a new era of performance in amp/effects processors. This premium tone machine debuts the groundbreaking AIRD (Augmented Impulse Response Dynamics) technology, realized with decades of advanced BOSS research and supported by an ultra-fast DSP engine, 32-bit AD/DA, 32-bit floating-point processing, and 96 kHz sampling rate throughout. The GT-1000 continues to evolve through ongoing firmware development, with expanding features like new amps and effects, bass support, and other functionality enhancements requested by users. Based on BOSSs acclaimed Tube Logic approach, the comprehensive AIRD system in the GT-1000 brings unparalleled musical response and flexibility to a digital guitar processor. AIRD amplifiers live and breathe like real tube amps, providing inspiring feel and authentic tonal dynamics that were previously unattainable in a digital processor.

Sophisticated AIRD Output Select functionality takes things even further, letting you achieve consistently great sound with any setup, from standard guitar amps to full-range playback systems. The GT-1000 also features a huge range of cutting-edge BOSS effects, with numerous routing options and extensive real-time control at your command. And with the convenience of built-in Bluetooth® , you can adjust sounds, configure control assignments, and organize patches wirelessly from your mobile device using the BOSS Tone Studio app.

Packing immense power in a streamlined pro design, the GT-1000 is a game changer that brings new levels of creative expression to all guitarists and bassists. Flagship amp/effects processor with uncompromising sound quality and unmatched expressiveness. Industry-leading 32-bit AD/DA, 32-bit floating-point processing, and 96 kHz sampling rate throughout. Next-generation BOSS DSP engine, custom designed specifically for music applications.

AIRD (Augmented Impulse Response Dynamics) technology realizes BOSSs acclaimed Tube Logic concept in a digital guitar processor, delivering natural feel and optimized integration with all types of external devices. Highly expressive amplifiers, meticulously crafted with AIRD.

Massive selection of onboard effects, including BOSS MDP effects and algorithms directly ported from the DD-500, MD-500, and RV-500 pedals. Amps and effects can be routed in numerous series and parallel combinations. Ultra-fast patch switching and delay carryover. Innovative Stompbox feature greatly simplifies using common effects settings in many different patches.

Easy operation with large display and six user-assignable switching knobs. Ten footswitches and integrated expression pedal with user-configurable assignments and LED colors. High-resolution tuner with two display modes and mono or polyphonic operation.

¼-inch main outputs and XLR sub outputs with independent AIRD Output Select settings; loop for external stereo or mono effects. Support for external control via footswitches, expression pedals, MIDI, and USB. Built-in Bluetooth for wireless editing via BOSS Tone Studio app for iOS and Android mobile devices. USB audio/MIDI interface for computer-based recording and editing Latest GT-1000 Update: Version 3.1 (March 2020).

New FX Expansion mode provides four simultaneous FX blocks, up from three in normal mode (GT-1000 operation is mono when FX Expansion mode is selected). Distortion effect type now available in FX blocks, with identical parameters to those included in the dedicated DS1 and DS2 distortion blocks.

Ten input memories for saving optimized level settings for different guitars; input memories can be selected globally or stored with user patches. Onboard user IR slots increased from 4 to 16. New AIRD Output Select types for use with the Power Amp In feature on the Katana-50 MkII, Katana-100 MkII, and Katana-100/212 MkII amplifiers Version 3 Additions (April 2019). Bass support and enhanced performance functionality. Three AIRD bass preamps: NATURAL BASS, X-DRIVE BASS, and CONCERT.

Sixteen bass effects, including an MDP compressor, overdrives and distortions, touch wah, flanger, and more. Manual and Pedalboard modes for direct-access control.

AIRD Output Select library additions: 11 guitar types and 2 bass types Version 2 Additions (January 2019). Four AIRD preamps: MATCH COMBO, BG COMBO, ORNG STACK, BGNR UB METAL.

Three overdrive/distortion types: CENTA OD, HM-2, METAL CORE. Three Master Delay types: SPACE ECHO, TAPE ECHO PX, BIN DRUM ECHO. Designed for Unparalleled Sound Quality.

The GT-1000 is BOSSs most advanced amp/effects processor to date, built for no-compromise audio performance. To start, its the first-ever guitar multi-effects unit with 32-bit AD/DA, 32-bit floating-point processing, and 96 kHz sampling rate throughout.

Theres an all-new DSP engine as well, specially designed for music applications and featuring over three times the power of previous generations. This immense processing muscle unlocks far greater sonic detail than ever before possible, making it quick and easy to get the sounds youre after without endless parameter tweaks and microscopic EQ adjustments. If youve shied away from other amp/effects processors because theyre hard to dial in and missing that real deal vibe, the GT-1000 is sure to change your mind. AIRD: A Revolution in Digital Amp Processing. At its core, the GT-1000 harnesses BOSSs breakthrough AIRD technology for previously unattained musical power.

Based on the comprehensive Tube Logic concept behind the renowned Katana, Waza, and Blues Cube amplifiers, AIRD takes the amp processor to a new level of performance, flexibility, and practical usability. The tube amplifiers that guitarists love are interactive, highly expressive musical instruments that are far more than the sum of their individual components. The Tube Logic design philosophy fully realizes this interactive experience, and its been hugely successful in the self-contained guitar amps where its been employed. However, bringing this approach to a guitar processor like the GT-1000 introduces many challenges, because players will use it with a variety of external amplification systems that add their own characteristics to the sound. BOSS developed AIRD to address these challenges, employing sophisticated techniques to ensure that the GT-1000s groundbreaking musical response can be consistently experienced with any rig.

Highly Musical Guitar Amplifiers, Crafted with AIRD. The GT-1000 is loaded with immensely expressive guitar amplifiers, all meticulously crafted with AIRD. In contrast to traditional modeling methods, AIRD reproduces the complex internal component interactions of tube amps in every way, from guitar input to speaker output and everything in-between. The result is a complete interactive system thats a living, breathing instrument, just like your favorite high-end tube amp. A key focus of AIRD is the reactive amp/speaker relationship, which is essential to the dynamic feel and musical responsiveness of tube amplifiers.

This vital relationship is fully brought to life with the GT-1000s amps, producing guitar tones that are alive with punch, presence, and depth. Thanks to AIRD, your sound always feels great under your fingers and sits in the mix properly, delivering a truly organic musical experience thats never been available from a digital guitar processor until now. The GT-1000 features a wide range of BOSS original amplifiers suitable for all guitar styles, from super-clean to ultra-heavy.

A number of amp types employ Multi-Dimensional Processing (MDP) technology for dynamic, nuanced tone that reaches beyond the capabilities of analog designs. Classic tube amps throughout history are included as well, from coveted vintage combos to modern high-gain heads. Two amps can be used at once in a single patch, so youre able to switch between two sounds, blend amps for complex tones, or achieve big, expansive sound in stereo setups. Optimized Performance for Every Playing Application. AIRD enables the GT-1000 to smoothly flow into any creative setup, allowing you to enjoy great tone and response with minimal adjustments.

By choosing from a large selection of AIRD Output Select types, you can perfectly tailor the GT-1000 for any destination, whether its a guitar amp input, an amp effects return, a power amp driving guitar speakers, or a full-range monitoring system. There are built-in AIRD Output Select types for a wide variety of amps, plus two user locations for loading additional selections from the GT-1000 AIRD Output Select Library software. AIRD is fully integrated into the GT-1000s amplifiers at every level, so youll always experience their authentic sound and interactive response with any setup. And with the ability to apply different AIRD Output Select settings to the main and sub outputs, you can optimize the sound for two destinations at once, such as a guitar amp input and a direct feed to a house PA. The GT-1000's outputs also include independent ground lift functions, making it easy to tackle any hum issues that might be introduced with external devices. As youd expect from a flagship BOSS processor, the GT-1000 is loaded with all types of effects, from overdrives and distortions to specialty effects like Slicer, Slow Gear, and a host of others. Many selections harness BOSSs MDP tech, which intelligently adapts to your dynamics and playing register to achieve the perfect sound.

Advanced algorithms from the renowned DD-500 Digital Delay, MD-500 Modulation, and RV-500 Reverb pedals are included too, along with sophisticated Acoustic Resonance processing inherited from the AD-10 pedal for acoustic/electric guitar. Amps and effects can be configured with various series and parallel routing options, and signal paths can be divided and mixed at multiple points. Patch switching is ultra-fast thanks to the GT-1000s speedy DSP, and delay carryover is also possible.

There are two effects loops as well, allowing you to connect your favorite external effects and preamps. The New Bass Multi-Effects Flagship. BOSSs powerful GT-10B was a longtime favorite of creative bassists, providing top-flight amps, effects, and DI capabilities in one convenient floorboard. Now, the GT-1000 takes bass processing to new heights with next-generation sound quality, ultra-flexible performance features, and an even more compact size.

Three AIRD bass preamps are provided for shaping your core tone, while eight different overdrive/distortion effects are available for additional color and gain. Theres an MDP bass compressor as well, plus chorus, flanger, touch wah, and many other effect types specially tuned for bass. Streamlined Design, Ready to Travel.

In todays music world, players need to travel as light as possible, and BOSS designed the GT-1000 for maximum control in a minimum amount of space. In comparison to other processors in its class, it offers a compact, streamlined design thats easy to carry and set up. The metal chassis is both strong and light, and features an array of freely assignable footswitches and an integrated expression pedal. Newly developed specifically for the GT-1000, the low-profile footswitches reduce size and weight while maintaining the rugged durability that all BOSS gear is famous for. With the GT-1000s large display and six switching knobs, the process of creating and adjusting sounds is smooth and efficient.

Four different Play screen layouts provide alternate viewing options for various patch functions, and you can customize the knobs for quick access to specific parameters. While editing, the signal chain is clearly displayed, and its simple to select effects blocks, adjust parameters, and change the order. The available parameters for selected effects can be displayed in layers, letting you see everything at once on screen. An innovative new workflow feature in the GT-1000 is the ability to save any effect as a Stompbox. Parameter adjustments to a Stompbox are reflected in all patches where its used, basically mimicking the way youd use physical pedals.

This is ideal for effects where you use the same settings most of the time, but just need to make small adjustments occasionally. Now, you can make those changes quickly across multiple patches, eliminating the hassle of tweaking and saving each patch separately. With its ten footswitches and expression pedal with toe switch, the GT-1000 gives you comprehensive creative control on stage and in the studio.

And if youre a power user, theres support for additional control via external switches, pedals, MIDI, and USB. By default, the main footswitches are assigned to select patches, patch banks, and three control assignments.

But you can reassign the switches to control nearly any function. Using the GT-1000s switching knobs and powerful Assign Matrix, control assignments are quick and intuitive. Its also possible to assign different colors to the status LEDs above the switches, and easily view the current switch assignments with a Play screen option. Manual and Pedalboard Modes for a Stompbox-Style Experience. While all of the GT-1000s footswitches are freely assignable per patch, there might be times when you need even more control.

Manual mode allows you to set up on/off access to any amp or effect on a secondary layer, which you can toggle between with a footswitch assignment. The all-new Pedalboard mode takes an even more direct approach for players wanting a traditional stomp experience, providing a dynamic effects layout thats outside the normal patch structure and always ready to go when needed.

Whats more, all footswitch modes now provide top-level access to function assignment and parameter control for assigned effects, letting you make tweaks on the fly with no deep menu diving. USB Audio/MIDI and Wireless Editing via Bluetooth. The GT-1000s well-organized panel interface is a breeze to navigate, but things get even easier with your smartphone or tablet. The GT-1000 is equipped with onboard Bluetooth a first for a pro-level amp/effects processorallowing you to wirelessly manage sounds from the dedicated BOSS Tone Studio app for iOS and Android.

Whether at home, in rehearsal, or on stage, you can comfortably tweak the GT-1000 from your device without having to bend over and edit via the hardware. Its even possible to record a riff with the GT-1000s built-in looper, and then roam the venue and adjust tones from the audience position! The GT-1000 includes a USB audio/MIDI interface as well, with multi-channel audio operation for flexible computer recording and efficient re-amping.

A Recording mode allows you to choose from a variety of built-in speaker and microphone types, and its also possible to import WAV-format speaker impulse responses with the GT-1000 IR Loader software. USB can also be used to edit and organize sounds with the desktop version of the BOSS Tone Studio editor for Mac and Windows. The item "Boss GT-1000 Guitar Effects Processor IN BOX" is in sale since Monday, November 2, 2020. This item is in the category "Musical Instruments & Gear\Guitars & Basses\Parts & Accessories\Effects Pedals\Multi-Effects".

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  • Type: Multi Effects
  • Brand: Boss
  • Model: GT-1000
  • To Fit: Acoustic Electric Guitar
  • Custom Bundle: No
  • MPN: GT1000

Boss GT-1000 Guitar Effects Processor IN BOX    Boss GT-1000 Guitar Effects Processor IN BOX